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My experience

I have been involved in various forms of youth ministry over the past 30 years:

I have an Engineering degree and a Teachers Diploma. Had some experience in the world of Industrial Psychology and did official MBTi and Coaching courses.

The most valuable of what I have to offer is the years of hands on experience. Since the gap year gives us a whole year with the same students, lost can be experimented and developed and we are a team of 10+ leaders with many years of experience. My wife has also had many years with young people in the dance world and she is my number one advisor and accountability partner.

Ask a youth ministry related question and receive an answer in the form of a  You tube video linked to this page

How it works

As I am only starting now, the first video is an explanation of the Prothesis Concept, the back bone of our gap Year, Target Life. When you post a question, I will make the video, put it on You tube, email the link to you and put a link on this page. As the amount of videos grow, I will develop an indexing system for search purposes. Questions can include the subject of parenting or teaching.

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